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Elevator and Lift Door Modernization with TSG Lift Door Operators by Langer & Laumann

Why replace the entire elevator door when the car door operator is sufficient?

In many cases it is sufficient to replace the car door operator in conjunction with the control unit when the elevator door goes slowly, uncontrollably fast, slams in the end position or runs unevenly. Thus, Langer & Laumann offers you a cost-efficive alternative to replacing the entire car and hoistway doors.

As long as your cabin door is still functional or spare parts are available, it is advisable to keep the original condition of the elevator. However, it is recommended to replace the ageing door drive with modern drive concept. By modernizing your elevator system, you benefit from a significant increase in performance, improved personal security as well as increased reliability while reducing power consumption.

Since 1998, Langer & Laumann has supplied the elevator industry with components and modernization packages for existing elevators and lifts. The offered elevator modification packages are adapted to the corresponding lift systems, so that we can grant the possibility of a quick retrofitting with proven reliability.


Automatic Door Operator Modernization for Elevator Doors of Various Manufacturers

Due to its compactness and simplicity, the universal applicable closed-loop door operator TSG Lift can be installed in about 95% of today's elevators. The powerful DC motor can be adjusted to all types of doors, whether left, right, central (also telescoping), making it the ideal choice for upgrading your elevator system. The electric door operator is designed for proceeding door weights (door leaf mass) of up to 400kg (~880 lbs). No matter if you have a harmonic (crank-arm) or linear (cogged belt) door operator. We modernize them all.

The TSG Lift has been installed thousandfold as modernization solution in elevator systems worldwide. Besides our universal TSG Lift upgrade conversion package for repair and modernization, we offer with our TSG Lift Vario a complete door operator for new construction. In our manufacturer overview you find the appropriate door drive for your system. If your manufacturer is not listed, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will find a solution!

Most door drives for elevator doors that have to be replaced, fail suddenly and without any warning. They put the the elevator out of order and leave a big problem in a multi-storey building. The TSG lift is available from stock, so that the broken elevator can be repaired as soon as possible. Our modernization packages for cabin doors and elevators meet all current standards and safety regulations. The TSG Lift is ASME A17.7/CSA B44.7 as well as EN 81 compliant. Furthermore, fire protection according to EN 81-58 or protection against vandalism EN 81-71 are available for some versions.

We offer a variety of elevator cabin door modernization solutions that have been developed specifically for the original manufacturer. Our solutions are not only restricted to the most common elevator companies like Otis, Schindler, Kone (MAC), Thyssen (Dover) - but to other manufacturers.

Animation: Elevator Modernization Solution for Kone, Otis, Schindler, ThyssenKrupp Elevators etc.

Benefits of TSG Lift Universal Door Operator for Elevator Car Door Modernization

High reliability

Regardless of open and close frequency, the IP54 splash-proof universal automatic door operator TSG Lift can be installed in all residential or commercial environments including companies, offices, homes, nursing homes, hospitals etc. The TSG Lift also comes in an explosion-proof ATEX version for the modernization of industrial plants (e.g. cement plants and cereal processing), chemical, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, water treatment plants as well as oil and gas rigs.

Low cost

The universal door operator is very easy to install and maintain. The wiring effort has been reduced to a minimum in order to keep the installation time and the associated installation costs to modernize your elevator low. The use of a maintenance-free DC motor ensures that no further maintenance costs arise for the linear belt drive system.

Efficient technology

The encoder-controlled linear operator controls the maintenance-free DC motor with direct drive and ensures that the doors open and close safely, quickly and quietly. The programmable microprocessor enables a variety of custom settings and allows you to set the initial start-up directly on the device. The door opening and closing operations can be adjusted independently and once set up, the door drive is running in automatic mode.

In addition, the door operator has an integrated obstacle detection and automatic reversing. This ensures that the door operator triggers an immediate change of direction if the door encounters an obstacle in the doorway. This prevents irreversible damage.

Features in short

  • State-of-the-art closed-loop door operator system
  • Available for modernization and repair or new construction
  • Noticeable performance improvement as well as smooth and quiet door operation
  • Highest reliability reduces downtime
  • Easy customization - no special tools required
  • Safety settings maintained, even after power outage
  • Widest adaptability to more than 300 door systems on the market
  • Greatest connectivity to elevator control systems worldwide
  • Improved performance compared to old-fashioned harmonic crank-arm door operator
  • ASME A17.7/CSA B44.7 as well as EN 81 compliant
  • Meets the kinetic energy requirements of ASME A17.1-2000+ and EN 81
  • Openings up to 4 meter+ (160 inch+)
  • Adjusts for wind pressure and lobby door mass
  • Supported door mass of 400kg+ (~880lbs) - 1000kg (~2200lbs) coming soon
  • Maintenance-free DC motor - reduced power consumption
  • Solid state controller included
  • Built-in encoder and motor speed control
  • Integrated short-circuit-protection
  • Controller mountable on cartop
  • Independent belt adjustments possible
  • No need for mechanical limit switches
  • Cams, relays and restrictors are not required
  • Integrated hold close and hold open torque
  • IP54 splash-proof and explosion-proof ATEX version available
  • Reduced installation time
  • Available from stock - Next day delivery available

Tailor-Made Elevator Door Operators for Schindler QKS Modernization

The vast majority of elevator door drives in the market can be replaced by our universal TSG Lift modernization packages. However, there are elevator doors for which a customized modernization is more appropriate, such as Schindler doors.

In this context the Schindler QKS drive series is to be emphasized. Cabin door operators for Schindler elevators can be found in our product catalog - FIND YOUR DOOR.

Elevator Doors: The Different Types

Generally, elevator doors can be divided into car and hoistway doors. The power operated electric sliding door is the most common type of door in the elevator industry. The sliding doors are used where the lift shaft offers enough space to move the door and it leaves to one side. Sliding doors for elevators are available in left-/ right and central opening.

A multi-part telescopic elevator door is installed in an extra-wide doorway having a rather narrow slot. The drawback with telescopic doors is that a large installation depth is required.

Automatic sliding doors are now almost exclusively power operated, which means that for opening and closing the sliding door, an electric car drive (electric motor) must be used. By using a skate on the car door, the movement of the car door operator is transmitted 1:1 to the hoistway doors (landing doors).