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Safety & Technology

Legal requirements for machine doors

Machine doors have to be fast.
The productivity of the machine tool can be increased significantly by fast doors. Operators can be relieved through automatic doors. High door speed shortens the cycle times of fabrication machines.

Machine doors have to be safe.
Doors, partition doors or guards may not itself be a danger to the operator. Door drives of Langer & Laumann Ing. Büro GmbH meet the high safety standards in engineering.

They meet the EN ISO 13849-1 performance level "d", EN ISO 23125, EN 953 and DIN EN ISO 16089.

application door, gate, hatch, hood, window regulation for force on door panel maximum clamping force on door panel maximum kinetic force on door panel
bus doors 2001/85/EG 300 N -
train doors prEN 14752 300 N -
automotive window automotive sunroof 2000/4/EG FMVSS 118 100 N -
doors and gates EN 12453/12445 400/1400 N 25 N
automatic doors DIN V 18650-1 400/700/1400 N 80 N
doors and gates EN 60335-2-95 400/600 N 25 N
lift doors (with reversing function) EN 81-1, EN 953 150 N 10 J
separating protection device (with reversing function) EN 953 150 N 10 J
machine tools turning machines protection doors (with reversing function) EN 23125 machine tools - safety - turning machines 150/400/1400 N 10 J
machine tools grinding machine protection doors (with reversing function) (planned DIN EN) ISO 16089 EN 13218 machine tools - safety - turning machines - stationary grinding machines 150/400/1400 N 10 J

The products of Langer & Laumann Ing. Büro GmbH can be parameterised in the different application areas.

Security functions of door and safety door drives

STO (Safe Torque Off) door drive for machine safety doors

The most common safety feature is STO (Safe Torque Off), which ensures that no torque-generating energy is applied to the motor and prevents accidental starting of the motor. If the door drive recognizes an obstacle with a force of about 150N in door-close direction, the internal STO function is activated and the door drive stops immediately. Afterwards it opens several millimeters (depending on settings) and holds the position so that the obstacle can be removed from the passage area.

SLS (Safe Limited Speed) door operator for machine safety doors

The SLS (Safe Limited Speed) safety function checks that the door drive does not exceed a certain speed or a speed limit. The SLS function is used, if a person is in the passage area of a machine tool and the security for this person is guaranteed only at a reduced speed of the machine.

SLS is used for example in machine maintenance and adaption or manually threaded material, wherein the operator must enter the danger area of the machine. In order not to endanger the operator and to avoid injuries, the clamped material may only spin at a reduced speed.

SLT (Safe Torque Limited) door drive for machine safety doors

The SLT (Safe Torque Limited) security function prevents the motor from exceeding to not exceed the specified torque.


DESINA for Machine Tools and Production Systems

DEcentralized and Standardized INstAllation technology (DESINA) for machine tools and production systems describes the standardization of electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic installation of automated machine tools and production systems.

PROFIBUS communication

PROFIBUS (Process Field Bus) is a standard for field bus communication in the machine tool industry and automation technology. The connection of the drive for the machine safety door to the machine control unit (SPS / PLC) of the machine tool or machining center is done via digital signals or PROFIBUS.

PROFINET Communication

PROFINET (Process Field Network) is an open industry Ethernet standard of Profibus & Profinet International (PI) for the machine tool and automation industry. Profinet uses the TCP / IP protocol, is real-time Ethernet-enabled, and allows the integration of fieldbus systems.

Explosion Control ATEX

When working with high explosives such as natural gas, special care is required. For use in hazardous areas Langer & Laumann developed the ATEX explosion-proof housing. The marking of ATEX is derived from the French ATmosphère EXplosibles. ATEX is a common synonym for the ATEX guidelines for explosion protection for the European Union. Directive 94/9/EC regulates the explosion protection for the European market for all types of devices.

Safe working for the user

Safety at milling centers

Protective door drive for machine-tools have EN ISO 23125 standards and EN ISO 13849-1 Performance Level "d" standards. 

Safety Integrated

The personal protection will be ensured by the integrated obstacle detection.

Sensors like light curtains are not required.