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Applications for door drives of machine safety doors in the machine tool industry

In this section you will find a variety of videos illustrating the functionalities such as the enabling mode, the obstacle detection, intelligent obstacle drive or automatic reversal in the application.

TSG 410 V4 as replacement

The TSG 410 V4 door drive replaces the MxP 50 as well as the MxP 101.
The door operator is mechanically compatible.
The electrical connection is easy.
No reconstruction work for the exchange is necessary.
Additional sensors are not required.

EN ISO 13849-1 PL "d"
EN ISO 23125

The suitable modernization kit is available on request.

Enabling Mode Machine Safety Door

Enabling mode with SLS Safe Limited Speed ​​& SOS Safe operating stop.

(Exhibit: INDEX-Werke GmbH, Index R300 Dreh-Fräszentrum)

Smart Drive | Automatic Doors

Vertical machine safety door with obstacle detection and intelligent obstacle movement for automatic doors.

(Exhibit: Turning Days 2013, DS Technologie GmbH)

Safety door drive for machine tool

Body protection in safety door for machinery
EN ISO 23125
EN ISO 13849 – Performance Level D

(machinery: Gildemeister DMG CTX Beta 800)

Noise insulating door drive

Central opening door for CNC-machinery.
Fast drive as replacement for pneumatic door drive.

(machinery: Samag MFZ 500)

Measurement on safety door drive

Measurement of kinetic energy during impact with an obstacle.

EN ISO 23125
EN ISO 13218

(Machinery: Gildemeister DMG CTX 1250)

Fast drive for machine door

Fast and safe guard door drive for: machine tool, machine door, machine jacket, machine enclosure, machine pods.

(machinery: EMCO MAXX Turn 65)

Drives for 4-wing safety doors

Heavy machine tool with multiple door leaf driven by Langer & Laumann's TSG.

(machinery: AXA Schöppingen)

Drive for hatch in equipping machine tools

Tool change drive
Drive for flap
Electrical door drive

(machinery: MAG IAS Böhringer CB 250)

Round machine door

Machine door / protection door drive with integrated obstacles detection for toolchangers with round doors.

(animation: Langer & Laumann Ing. Büro GmbH)

Explosion proof door drive

Drive for doors according to ATEX 0100 for use in explosive environment.

The explosion proof drive includes assembly material, which will be delivered on request.

Universal drive for all doors

Noise protection doors, sliding doors, doors for technical facilities, shelter doors, fire protection doors, automatic doors, metal doors, plastic doors, stainless steel doors, all-glass doors, rotary sliding doors, louvre doors, aluminium doors, folding doors, hinged doors, surgery room doors, machine cover, machine enclosure, machine jacket, machine cabine

Drive for sliding doors

The sliding door drive SDA 04 is employed in hospitals, medical centers, retirement homes, laboratories and canteen kitchens.

The operator is especially suitable for surgery room doors, clean room doors, fire protection doors and radioprotection doors.

Comparison: Manually operated safety door vs. automatic (electric) machine safety door

Based on this sample calculation it should be shown that the use of automatically operated safety doors is a rewarding investment and results in annual savings. The savings will vary from customer to customer due to the different values of the variables. You can easily recalculate the savings for your business by following the calculation example.